Building images for Vagrant with Packer

In this how-to I'll show how to build Debian and Ubuntu ISO images with Packer.

Packer is a tool for creating server images for platforms such as Amazon AWS, OpenStack, VMware, VirtualBox, Docker, and more — all from a single source configuration.

Here I go through the following steps:

admin | Sun, 2016/03/2016

Setup of Ganeti cluster on root servers of Hetzner

I'll setup a 3 node Ganeti cluster on Hetzners root servers, to run static and Drupal based sites for friends and NGOs. Ganeti is designed to facilitate cluster management of virtual servers (the "instances") using commodity hardware (the "nodes"). It provides fast and simple recovery after physical failures, disk creation management, operating system installation, startup, shutdown, and failover between physical systems.

admin | Sat, 2014/01/2014

Network setup of proxmox VE 2.x on hetzner server

In the second part of the series I'm going to setup routed networking on a root server of Hetzner, for KVM based virtualization and with Ubuntu 12.04 LTS guests. These guests will be webservers and database-servers, connected by private LAN with internal bridge NAT-ed to eth0 of the host. Shorewall and Fail2ban will help to get the proper networking in place, next to security. Finally, a Pound load balancer (reverse proxy) with one additional public IP, will be setup, as well.

admin | Fri, 2012/30/2012